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ABOUT Love Tess Botanics

Who we are

Love Tess Botanics - 100% Plant-based - Excellent Skin Care - No Chemicals used - Specially curated - Organically Grown - Handmade in small batches in Nairobi.

Love Tess Botanics is a skincare line that offers a diverse selection of natural and vegan products suited for everyone of all ages. Love Tess Botanics is handmade in small batches in Nairobi.

At Love Tess Botanics, we are mindful of what we put in our bodies and the globe in general. We are based in Nairobi-Kenya and our aim is to provide our customers with exceptional quality products and services.

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The activated charcoal cleanser is a bomb, makes me want to stay in the mirror the whole day. Thank you for this Amazing product and the wonderful customer care and the trust you accorded me when I didn't reach in the agreed delivery time and left the goods for me even before receiving the money. 

Jay Williams-Robins  - A HAPPY CLIENT

Why Us?

How we come to success

At Love Tess Botanics, our 100% plant-based living and chemical free has been part of our lifestyle for years. Our products ingredients are carefully sourced worldwide while some components are planted in our organic farm.

We seek out anyone who wishes to shop or try out our goodies that are 100% AWESOME, shop from our wide range selection of products which can be shipped directly to you.
We’re a fast-growing, proudly Kenyan company that’s passionate about our customers, our business, and the products we sell.
There’s a real person behind every item we offer, every package we ship, and every interaction we have with you, because we love sharing our passion for beauty and skin care with you. Whether you’re looking for a familiar brand.

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