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Love Tess Botanics Cellulite & Stretch Marks balm contains potent blend of Vitamin A C and E, that help to stabilize collagen which keeps the skin firm. Our balm is infused with active organic and natural herbs that includes: yellow dock, burdock, goldenseal, shave grass, yohimbe bark powder, grapefruit leaves, ginger, ginkgo biloba, nettle leaves, dong quai, ginger root, rosemary, dandelion root, hawthorn berry, rose-hip, green tea, kigelia africana powder.

All of them working towards the same goal, tightening and lightening the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks / scars.  A great firming balm for men and women looking to tighten, tone and improve the skin appearance.


-Gotu Kola : Stimulates collagen production, which strengthens and tightens skin tissues, it also promotes lymph drainage and reduces swelling found in more severe forms of cellulite.

-Licorice: Contains fat fighting properties which reduces the availability of cortisol, a hormone involved in fat deposition.

-Bilberry: Posses collagen stabilizing properties. It strengthens the capillary blood vessels.

-Calendula: Stimulates the production of collagen.

-Helichrysum: Is an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antispasmodic herb that is beneficial in treating skin stretch marks/scars.

-Shave grass: Is an excellent plant as it helps fight the fluid retention that causes swelling in certain areas of the body while providing essential minerals. Shave grass stands out for its high silicon content, which is presented with a level of bioavailability ideal for the body. It also contains other minerals such as potassium, magnesium and is rich in flavonoids and tannins.



Herbal Infused oil, sunflower oil, yangu oil, baobab oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil, cocoa  butter, candelilla wax, MSM, pink grapefruit powder, spirulina powder, vitamin E oil, cinnamon powder, pomegranate seed extract, frankincense powder, green tea extract, willow bark, pumpkin seed oil, papaya leaf, macadamia oil, ginger enzyme, cucumber powder, rosemary powder, passion fruit flower, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, hyaluronic acid, rose hip oil, vitamin B5, L-Carnitine powder, calendula flower, chamomile leaf extract.



Apply desired amount of C + S balm on prone areas on your body and rub gently. Best applied on clean skin. Use 2-3 times a day for quicker results.

Store in dark cool place.

Colour + consistency may vary in all natural products.

For topical use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


This product is handmade in small batches in Nairobi with love.

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